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The J. Edgar Hoover Foundation Scholarships

The J. Edgar Hoover Foundation Scholarships

Since the founding of The J.Edgar Hoover Foundation, over three and one half million dollars have been distributed for scholarships, grants for education, as well as legal and professional law enforcement training.

Scholarships and grants are provided to selected college and university students pursing undergraduate and graduate degrees. These scholarships are presented based on a combination of merit and need, including individuals who may not have an opportunity for higher education. Many recipients are pursuing degrees in law and law enforcement related studies. The J. Edgar Hoover Foundation has awarded many scholarships to the sons and daughters of special agents of the FBI, as well as state and local law enforcement officers.

Each year, a Scientific Scholarship in the amount of $25,000 is awarded to a deserving candidate. This award is conferred based on a candidate’s interest in pursing a forensic science related career in law enforcement.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors solicits candidates for the Scientific Scholarship from colleges and universities with accredited forensic science programs. The candidates are then reviewed during the annual meeting of the Foundation’s Board where the selection of a deserving recipient is made. The Scientific Scholarship program has been in effect since 2001 and to date over $250,000 has been awarded.

Prior Winners of the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation's Scientific Scholarship

  • 2015 - Gina M. Dembinski, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
  • 2014 - David Preston Miller, Marshall University
  • 2013 - Andrew Koutrakos, University of New Haven
  • 2012 - John McIlroy, Michigan State University
  • 2011 - Jessica Placido, Saint John’s University
  • 2010 - Shannon Bell, The University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine
  • 2009 - Jessica Nelson, George Washington University
  • 2008 - Alejandra Ramirez, California State University
  • 2007 - Michael Bukys PhD, Cleveland State University
  • 2006 - Douglas Jackson, University of Georgia
  • 2005 - Emily Ross, George Washington University
  • 2004 - Gina Badalato, Columbia University
  • 2003 - Erin Hurley, Stetson University
  • 2002 - Kristy Reynolds, University of Maryland
  • 2001 - Sandra Bishop, Ohio University

Prior Winners of the Cartha "Deke" DeLoach Forensic Scholarship Award

  • 2015 - Alison G. Simon, Florida International University
  • 2014 - Barbara L. Fallon, Michigan State University
  • 2013 - Kayleigh Rowan, Boston University School of Medicine   |   © 2011-2013 The J. Edgar Hoover Foundation
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