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J. Edgar Hoover - A Visionary Lawman

J. Edgar Hoover - A Visionary Lawman

The "Father of Modern Day Law Enforcement," J. Edgar Hoover exemplified in one man the qualities that make America great. As a patriot who loved and honored his country, he had few equals. And as a lawman, he was a visionary and sheer genius. His contributions to the field of law enforcement have helped make modern day America a place where individual liberty and civil rights are guarded as zealously as personal safety.

Hoover came of age in the early 1900s, a time when America faced an epidemic of lawlessness and corruption that threatened the ideological and political foundations of our nation.

As an idealistic young attorney appointed to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he almost single-handedly transformed the Bureau from a catchall for political hacks to an unparalleled crime fighting machine. During his 48-year leadership, the Bureau grew to be one of the world’s premier law enforcement agencies, employing the day’s most advanced scientific techniques.

Even today, more than 38 years after Hoover’s death, the reputation which he helped build for the FBI – one of excellence, integrity, and public service – remains a model of law enforcement for the rest of the world.

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